Patient Partners

Rita Wiebe

Our Patient Partner for the MARRS Project is Rita Wiebe from British Columbia and is one of the initial founders of this project.  Rita has a background in outreach, a strong passion for resilience in middle age and of living a mindful, purposeful life.  Her most loving assets, her husband and two great cats!

Rita is a council member of the BC Support Unit, housed within the BC Academic Health Science Network and is a Patient Partner co-chair with the SPOR Evidence Alliance.  Her personal journey of emotional and physical resilience includes surviving two Heart attacks, two Divorces and walking with one of her two adult children through the Journey of cancer and ultimately (MAiD), Medical Assistance in Dying.

Her vision and mission for more than a decade has been to influence the medical system to be more holistically attentive to the 45-64 demographic, giving the end-users a greater resilience for the mental, physical and emotional challenges for later years.  She feels the MARRS (Middle-Aged Resiliency Resistance Study) Acronym has a “cool” psychological irony causing end-users (the public), researchers and clinicians to have a closer look at the challenges and realities facing this huge, mostly Baby Boomer cultural demographic!

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