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Interested in joining the Aging, Residents, and Caregivers Research Unit?

The Aging, Residents, and Caregivers Research Unit is committed to establishing and maintaining a space where its members are enthusiastic about the research being conducted and feel empowered to learn and grow as researchers. As part of the research team, we hope that you learn a lot about the psychology of aging, develop valuable research skills, and have a lot of fun throughout the whole process.

Graduate Students

Dr. Gallant will be reviewing applications for clinical psychology, experimental & applied psychology, or aging studies students for the 2024/2025 academic year.


Honours Students

Dr. Gallant will be reviewing applications for honours psychology students for the 2024/2025 academic year.


Dr. Gallant is open to working with motivated psychology students who are looking to gain experience with research. Students may fill out the volunteer form here

Research Assistants 

Dr. Gallant is not currently hiring research assistants. All future positions will be posted onto UR Careers

Ongoing/Completed Master's Projects

2023-25: Donna Dumitrescu - Younger Adults’ Perceptions and Interactions with Middle-Aged Adults: A Template Thematic Analysis Study

2023-25: Natasha Taylor - An Examination of Physiological Responses to Experimentally Induced Loneliness in Older Adults

2022-24: Kelsey Haczkewicz - Identifying the Support Needs of Informal Caregivers of Long-Term Care Residents: The Potential Benefits of a Mobile Application

2022-24: Mir Nabila Ashraf - Development of stakeholdeR-drivEn digitAl health intervention recoMmendations for older adults living with chronic diseases in Saskatchewan, Canada (DREAM).

Ongoing/Completed Honours Projects

All completed theses can be accessed through the University of Regina's oUR Space Repository.

2023-24: Areeba Nasir - Enhancing Psychological Well-being: Investigating the Influence of Cultural Adaptation in Digital Narrative Therapy

2023-24: Briana De Roo - Impact of Institutional Betrayal and Institutional Courage on Mental Health in People with Chronic Disease

2023-24: Venezya Thorsteinson - The Relationship Between Migraines and Mental Health in Women

2022-23: Amara Kohlert - An Examination of the Well-Being Paradox Among Older Adults Living with Chronic Pain 

2022-23: Donna Dumitrescu - Resilience and Coping Among Emerging, Young, and Middle-Aged Adults

2022-23: Nadine Mounir - Exploring Intersectional Discrimination Impacts on Muslim Women's Social and Psychological Well-Being

2021-22: Kelsey Haczkewicz - Effectiveness of a Brief Internet-Delivered Behaviour Change Intervention Among Healthy Middle-Aged Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial

2021-22: Sheza Shahid - Cultural and Islamic Influences on the Perceptions of Mental Health Services in Middle-Aged Muslim Adults

2020-21: Emma Taylor - The Influence of Childhood Adversity, Resiliency, and Attachment on Dark Triad Traits

2020-21: Maria Garcia Vargas - The Influence of Social Support, Resilience, and Adversity on Health: A Cross-Sectional Study of Community-Dwelling Middle-Aged and Older Adults

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