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Long-Term Care

Designing a virtual course for essential care partners (ECPs) in long-term care (LTC): A pre-implementation study

Principal Investigators: Courtney Cameron, Nadine Mounir, and Seba Abdulkareem



We describe our co-design process aimed at supporting the reintegration of essential care partners into long-term care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. More specifically, using Sanders and Stappers’ (2014; 2008) co-design process, we describe the pre-design, generative, and evaluative phases of developing a virtual infection prevention and control course for essential care partners at our partnering long-term care home. For the evaluative phase, we also provide an overview of our findings from interviews conducted with essential care partners on the expected barriers and facilitators associated with this virtual course. Results from these interviews indicated that the virtual course was viewed as comprehensive, detailed, engaging, refreshing, and reliable, and that its successful implementation would require appropriate resources and support to ensure its sustainability and sustainment. Findings from this study provide guidance for the post-design phase of our co-design process. Our careful documentation of our co-design process also facilitates its replication for other technological interventions and in different healthcare settings. Limitations of the present study and implications for co-designing in the context of emergent public health emergencies are explored in the discussion.

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