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Mental Health Group for People Living with Chronic Disease in Saskatchewan 

Group for People Living with Chronic Disease in Saskatchewan - Quick Survey

Principal Investigator: Kelsey Haczkewicz


We are looking to design a new group for people living with chronic disease in Saskatchewan. This group will focus on providing coping strategies and support that helps people manage their mental health while living with chronic disease. Before we start designing the group, we wanted to hear from people who are living with chronic disease in Saskatchewan about what they thought would be most beneficial. Eligible persons were asked to participate in a 10-minute survey about their preferences for this new group.

Preliminary results indicate that individuals would be comfortable with hybrid (i.e., online and in-person) design and meeting biweekly for 1 hour. Individuals would like the group to focus on teaching coping skills, having group discussions, and listening to presentations. Individuals feel that medium-sized groups including individuals with different types of diseases would be best. The participants strongly believe that the leader of the group should be a professional that lives with a chronic disease. The information gathered from this survey will help to guide us in the creation of a support group for individuals with chronic diseases.

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